Things that interest us with some 'techy bits' mixed in ...

How Color Works

For as long as we have existed, humans have tried to make sense of color.


Prince gets his own Pantone color

It’s official: Prince and purple are together forever

Back-end Tech

Instagram Makes a Smooth Move to Python 3

Instagram serves an incredible amount of traffic, reliably and steadily so, by running Python (with a little help from Django) under the hood.


FCUK - Pardon Our French

Fcuk. It’s not a swear word, as such, but the marketing team at UK’s French Connection knew what they were doing when they fashioned this anagrammatic logo some years ago


Bizarre & a Little Creepy

Eyes that follow your cursor ...

In the News

Watch what you say in front of your TV

Be careful what you say in front of your new television, following reports that Samsung’s new Smart TVs are now being programmed to listen to every word you say and send it over the internet to a third party cloud service.

Back-end Tech

What if technology could help improve conversations online?

A new API for hosting conversations, with machine learning tech that’ll do things like help flag potentially harmful comments before they’re posted


How a designer conquered math


Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos!